High-frequency single deck vibrating screen SVD 1Х2

High-frequency single deck vibrating screen SVD 1Х2
High-frequency vibrating screen (SVD series) with direct vibration influence on the screens are designed for fine classification of minerals and other granular polydisperse materials into two fractions.

The screen is successfully used for the classification of salt, sugar, sand, gypsum, chalk, marble chips, coals, clays, mineral fertilizers and other materials.

High-frequency vibrating screen are designed for the classification of polydisperse granular products at a separation size of 0.2 to 5 mm. Some modifications can be used to classify products at a separation size of up to 10 mm and to classify products with a temperature of up to 80°C.

A distinctive feature of the screens of the HVD series is that the vibrations from the electromechanical vibrators are transmitted directly to the sieving screens. The parameters of the sieve vibrations overcome the intense "boiling" of the sieved material on the sieve. In this case, the larger particles are thrown up to a higher altitude and do not interfere to contact with the smaller particles which touching an oscillating sieve more often, which greatly increases the probability of sifting them through the sieve cells.

The vibration parameters of electromechanical vibrators are selected in such a way that when working screens there is practically no clogging of the sieve cells of the sieving material, and electromechanical vibrators are easy and simple set up the intensity of oscillation depending on the physico-mechanical properties of the sieved material.

The design of the screen makes it possible to vary the angle of inclination in the range from 30 ° to 45 °. Adjusting the angle of the sieve of the vibrating screen makes it possible to set the required boundary more precisely, taking into account the corresponding dimensions of the sieve cells.

The top of the screen is covered with a cover with a hatch. In the case of the screen there are flanges for connecting it to the aspiration system. The vacuum in the body of the screen is at the level of 20 ... 50 Pa practically prevents dusting of the working zones in the classification of highly dusty products.

The system for transferring vibrations from the source of vibrating screen to the screening screens ensures the immovability of the screen’s body. When installing such vibrating screens, no special foundation is required. High-frequency vibrating screen can be installed on interfloor between ceilings without attachment to a supporting surface.

The High-frequency vibrating screen (SVD series) differs from inertial, self-balancing and other vibrating screens because it increase productivity and low power consumption. The energy consumption is 0.01 ... 0.1 kW per ton of recycled material.

Drawing of the screen SVD 1х2 (single)

Drawing of the screen SVD 1х2 (single)
Drawing of the screen SVD 1х2 (single)

Technical specifications of the screen SVD 1х2 (single)
Product Details
Processing capacity, not less t/h:
- size of separation 4 mm


- size of separation 2,5 mm


- size of separation 1,2 mm


- size of separation 0,4 mm


- size of separation 0,2 mm


Length of the effective screen area, mm


Width of the effective screen area, mm


Angle, deg


Sieve material AISI 321
Motor Type Electro­mechanical
Power of each motor, kW


Amount vibratory motor, unit


Size of the vibrating screen, mm:
- length


- width


- height: when the screen is tilted 30°


- height: when the screen is tilted 40°


Weight screen, kg